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Smart planning tips on outdoor weddings in Montreal

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Step 1: Location, Location, Location!

Pick a place: here's a few suggestions in Montreal for an outdoor wedding; La Toundra, Chateau Vaudreuil, and Chateau Ramezay.

Step 2: Rain or Shine. Make sure you check the weather and have a back up plan in place.

Step 3: Permits, Licenses...etc

Check to make sure you are allowed to have a wedding at the location and if it requires any permits or licenses to be safe.

Step 4: Tell the Guests. Make sure you let the guests know in advance it will be an outdoor wedding in Montreal for them to dress accordingly.

Step 5: Be Prepared.

Too much light? Bugs? Cold? and more. Make sure to bring shade, heat warmer and all other necessities that you might need.

Step 6: Have Fun!!!

Enjoy the great outdoors.

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